About Us

In 2006, "Metal Kitchen Utensils" Messi started its operations with the objective of manufacturing and marketing of Home and Kitchen Supplies sec. Ve Dis Tic. Co.Ltd. "Ardiva" brand, a leader in the sector, has taken its place as a respected and trusted brand. Our factory is "ardiva" brand silver, gold, copper, chromium, tin, nickel-plated household and kitchen furniture and all kinds of precious metals production.

Since 2010 "then" brand rust steel fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, and a multi-purpose facility for use in the production of knives that appeal has been operating.

No market, glass, ceramic and porcelain companies use their products with the metal (gold and chrome-plated) apparatus and parts manufacturing.

Since we were founded with daily production capacity is about 4000 parts, with the goal of innovation and quality of the road.

Corpus of existing products, as well as other famous brands in the industry designing and producing all kinds of metal products.

The company founders with 25 years of industry experience, our customers, our suppliers and our employees are progressing towards becoming a global brand thanks to the support.

Pride in providing quality products and service to our customers, trust responsibility to maintain.